Constitution and By-Laws
Seattle, Washington
June 2, 2014

Article 1 - NAME
This organization shall be known as the Highline Community Symphonic Band (HCSB).

Article 2 - PURPOSE
The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for the rehearsal and performance of wind band literature, in an environment that promotes individual and ensemble improvement; also to increase community awareness and appreciation of symphonic band music.

This organization shall be non-political and non-sectarian, and shall not endorse or authorize any expenditure for activities not related to the organization.

Article 4 - MEMBERSHIP

Section 1: Membership shall be open to anyone age 18 or over who is interested in working for the purpose of the organization as outlined in Article 2 of these By-Laws. An exception to this age limit may be a high school student in good standing in his/her school band or orchestra who otherwise meets these By-Law requirements and who has the approval of the Conductor/Music Director. In such a case all other By-Law requirements shall still apply.
Section 2: A candidate for membership must exhibit a certain playing proficiency as determined by the Conductor/Music Director. He/She shall be made aware of these By-Laws and shall indicate an acceptance of them. Personal behavior, attitude, and dress code shall be explicitly noted. ( Art. 9, Sec. 4)
Section 3: A final requirement of membership shall be payment of dues as provided in Article 12.
Section 4: Membership may be revoked by the Executive Board with the concurrence of the Conductor/Music Director.
Section 5: Each member in good standing shall receive a folder and be issued music. Non-paying participants will not receive a folder and shall return music to the section leader at the end of each rehearsal.


Section 1: This organization shall hold at least one membership meeting quarterly during the concert season. It may hold other such meetings as authorized by the Executive Board.
Section 2: Fifty percent (50%) of the members shall constitute a quorum to conduct business at any membership meeting unless specified otherwise in these by-laws.

Article 6 - VOTING

Section 1: Voting shall be executed by show of hands or voice vote of those members present. A written ballot may be requested.
Section 2: Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote with no allowance for voting by proxy.

Article 7 - OFFICERS

Section 1: The Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past President.
Section 2: All Officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) fiscal year and-shall hold office for not more than two consecutive years or until a successor is duly elected and installed.
Section 3: Duties of officers shall be as follows:
  (A) President: The President shall be the Executive Officer of the organization and shall preside over all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board. He/She shall perform such other duties that usually pertain to the office of President.
  (B) Vice-President: The Vice-President, in the absence of the President shall perform all residential duties, and any other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Executive Board. He/she will handle the collection of dues, provide a receipt of payment, maintain a membership dues list, and give the treasurer the monies collected to deposit. At the end of his/her official term, resignation or suspension, he/she shall deliver to his/her successor all records and other property of the organization pertaining to the office of vice president.
  (C) Secretary: The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of the organization and Executive Board meetings, file all papers officially entrusted to him/her, issue notices, conduct correspondences, and perform such other duties that usually pertain to the office of Secretary. At the end of his/her official term, resignation or suspension, he/she shall deliver to his/her successor all records and other property of the organization pertaining to the office of secretary.
  (D) Treasurer. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the organization, pay all financial obligations, and maintain an accurate and complete record of all receipts and disbursements. He/She shall deposit all monies in a bank or banks as designated by the Executive Board and all deposits must be made in the name of the organization. He/She shall prepare a quarterly written financial statement, which shall be made available for inspection by the membership. At the end of his/her official term resignation or suspension, he/she shall deliver to his/her successor all records and other property of the organization pertaining to the office of treasurer.


Section 1: Officers shall be elected in May and shall assume office the following August 1.
Section 2: Nominations for officers of the Band shall be made by a Nominating Committee appointed by the president in February. Nominations may also be made by any member of the band.
Section 3: There shall be no qualification for any office except the following:
   (A) No individual may hold more than one (1) elected office at one time.
   (B) Each nominee to office must be an active member 19 years of age or over, meeting the requirements of Article 4, and must have been a member for at least one year prior to the election.
Section 4: All officers shall be elected by a majority of the members present. A quorum of at least 50% of the membership must be in attendance. Voting shall take place as outlined in Article 6 of these By-Laws.
Section 5: In the event a vacancy occurs during the term of any officer, such vacancy shall be filled by a special election.
Section 6: An Officer may be removed from office by action of the Executive Board and approval of the membership.


Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past President. If the Past President is no longer a member, or has been elected to another office, this position must be filled by the next past officer in line. It shall be required that the Executive Board consist of five members.
A simple majority shall constitute a quorum.
Section 2: It shall be the Executive Board's duty to create specific committees and appoint chairpersons as needed. (Art. 10)
Section 3: Selection of the Conductor/Music Director shall be the responsibility of the Executive Board with approval from the membership. (Art. 11)
Section 4: The Executive Board will take counsel with all committees, recommend the course of action regarding band activities and shall be responsible for the general management of the organization.
Section 5: The Executive Board shall oversee band-room and concert conduct of the membership; in particular: personal behavior, dress, and attitude.
Section 6: The Executive Board shall meet at the call of the President, or any other member of the Executive Board. When needed, Committee Chairpersons, the Conductor/Music Director, or general members may be asked to meet with the Executive Board in joint session at the discretion of the Board.
Section 7: The Executive Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the annual budget. The Executive Board shall have an approved budget for the following year by the end (July 31) of the current fiscal year.

Article 10 - COMMITTEES

Section 1: Committees shall be designated and the Chairpersons appointed by the Executive Board.
Section 2: No committee shall incur any debt or expenditure involving the organization unless authorized by the Executive Board.
Section 3: All functions and activities of committees shall be subject to Executive Board review.
Section 4: The committees shall include, but are not limited to: Library, Social, Concert, Publicity, Finance, and Membership.
Section 4.1: The Finance committee shall consist of the Treasurer and two other members appointed by the Executive Board. By May 31 of the current fiscal year, the committee shall develop a working budget for the next fiscal year and submit it to the Executive Board for review and approval.
Section 4.2: The Librarians' dues shall be waived for each quarter of service.
Section 5: At the beginning of the concert season (September) each committee chair shall file or review a description of responsibilities and procedures with the Secretary.


Section 1: Conductor/Music Director shall be selected by the Executive Board and approved by vote of the membership.
Section 2: The duties of the Conductor/Music Director shall include directing rehearsals and performances, and selecting music for same. Suggestions of music proposed by the membership will be considered. Other duties may be included with Conductor/Music Director and Executive Board mutual concurrence.
Section 3: The Conductor/Music Director shall be a nonvoting ex officio member of the Executive Board and responsible to the Board.
Section 4: The Conductor/Music Director’s stipend shall be determined by the Executive Board and approved by a majority of the members present when the vote is taken. The members of the band will vote on the Conductor/Music Director’s stipend at least once per year, in the fall. Additional votes are permitted at the discretion of the board.
Section 5: The Conductor/Music Director shall arrange for a substitute director as necessary when unable to attend scheduled rehearsals or performances. The substitute shall be paid the stipend by the Treasurer for each rehearsal or performance directed.


Section 1: The fiscal year of this organization shall be August 1 through July 31.
Section 2: Quarterly dues shall be determined by the Executive Board and approved by a majority of the members present when the vote is taken. The members of the band will vote on dues at least once per year, in the fall. Additional votes are permitted at the discretion of the board.
Section 3: Dues are due and payable at the first regular meeting of each quarter. If a member is unable to pay, he/she should discuss exemption with the Treasurer, who will bring the matter before the board.
Section 4: Any member who fails to pay dues in a timely manner shall be notified by the Treasurer.
Section 5: Revenue from sources other than defined in this Article may be raised as recommended by the Executive Board and approved by the membership.
Section 6: All revenue from all sources shall be delivered to the Treasurer for deposit in the HCSB bank account.

Article 13 - EXPENSES

Section 1: All expenditures of funds shall be designated for general organization operation or organization projects and activities as approved by the membership.
Section 2: The Executive Board shall be authorized to make disbursements for budgeted expenses. Any expense over $100 that is not a normal operating expense must be approved by the Executive Board and the membership. Reimbursement for expenditures shall be paid only upon presentation of receipts to the Treasurer. Any expenditure for which there is no receipt may not be recognized and the person making such expenditure could be personally liable.
Section 3: In any fiscal year the Conductor/Music Director may purchase music up to the approved annual amount. Any music purchases that exceed the budgeted amount must have prior approval of the Executive Board and the membership. The Executive Board retains the authority to reduce the approved amount if there is a budget shortfall.


Section 1: Robert's Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of all matters of procedure not specifically covered by these By-Laws.
Section 2: The order of business, at the discretion of the President, at regular meetings shall be as follows:
1. - Call to order
2. - Reading and approving minutes of previous meeting
3. - Communications
4. - Treasurer's report
5. - Report of Committees
6. - Unfinished business
7. - New business
8. - Good of the Order
9. - Adjournment


Section 1: All proposals to amend or appeal any part of these By-Laws shall be in writing and bear the signature(s) of the proponents thereof. Any proposal may be offered as a first reading by any member of the organization at any regular meeting. A second reading and vote shall take place at a future meeting.
Section 2: Any changes of these By-Laws must be approved by 2/3 of the members present, provided that 50% of the paid members in good standing are in attendance. (Art. 4)

Article 16 - DISSOLUTION

Section 1: Upon dissolution of the organization, all of the net assets after debts have been paid, shall be donated to a similar musical or charitable group, as determined by the Executive Board.
Section 2: The above assets shall be disposed of at a dissolution meeting of the membership, with their approval.


Approved by the Board of Directors:
President: Ryan Tanaka (signed 7/13/14)
Vice President: Michael Wyman (signed 7/13/14)
Secretary: Shirley Milligan (signed 7/13/14)
Treasurer: Traci Towers (signed 7/13/14)
Past President: Dan Clark (signed 7/13/14)

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